Nursery Rhymes
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The Ass carrying the Image

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An Ass once carried through the streets of the city a famous wooden Image, to be placed in one of its temples. The crowd as he passed along made lowly […]

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The Hare and the Hound

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A Hound having started a Hare from his form, after a long run, gave up the chase. A Goat-herd, seeing him stop, mocked him, saying: “The little one is the […]

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My Beard

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There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said, “It is just as I feared!— Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their […]

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The Farmer and the Cranes

Some Cranes made their feeding grounds on some plough-lands newly sown with wheat. For a long time the Farmer, brandishing an empty sling, chased them away by the terror he […]

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The Man Bitten by a Dog

A Man who had been bitten by a Dog was going about asking who could cure him. One that met him said: “Sir, if you would be cured, take a […]

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The Raven and the Swan

A Raven saw a Swan, and desired to secure for himself a like beauty of plumage. Supposing that his splendid white color arose from his washing in the water in […]

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The Dog and the Shadow

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A Dog, crossing a bridge over a stream with a piece of flesh in his mouth, saw his own shadow in the water, and took it for another Dog, with […]

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The Thief and His Mother

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A Schoolboy stole a horn-book from one of his schoolfellows, and brought it home to his mother. Instead of chastising him, she rather encouraged him in the deed. In course […]

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Slippery Slim

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Slippery Slim, a garter snake, Leaned against a garden rake And smiled a sentimental smile At Tilly Toad, on the gravel pile, Till that bashful miss was forced to hop […]

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Old Man With A Nose

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There was an Old Man with a nose, Who said, “If you choose to suppose That my nose is too long, you are certainly wrong!” That remarkable Man with a […]

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